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A few of our customer reviews on Yelp...

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"...Rathskeller serves homemade German pretzels instead of bread, and the mustard that comes with them is pungent! Luckily my friends (and our waitress) warned me, or I probably would have singed off my nose hairs.

Everything looked great, and they have lots of non-German options (Cajun Hoagie), I went for the Schnitzel Parmesan for the simple fact that I could compare it to my favorite home-style German restaurant back in Omaha, with sauerkraut and spaetzle noodles for my sides. Luckily they allow for side-substitution (how anyone could eat Schnitzel Parmesan without spaetzle noodles is beyond me)..."

Sarah G., Omaha, NE

"On a cold winter's night in between hanging out with some new friends and dinner at a delicious Moroccan restaurant, I was feeling about a beer low, and decided to head into the warmth of the Rathskeller. This place was absolutely PACKED! Lots of friendly faces enjoying what looked like some pretty tasty food. As I made my way back to the Keller bar, I passed quite a few very friendly servers and happy patrons, and was immediately drawn into the size of this place! The Keller bar is huge! Various animal heads on the walls, some cool flags, neat signage, and random kitschy stuff completes the feeling that you're hanging out in a random German bar."

Jimmy W., Indianapolis, IN

"This place is an Indianapolis, and dare I say national, gem for beer lovers and foodies alike. In business since 1894, in an historic, architecturally rich building... A large, comfortable beer garden... The largest selection of German beers I've personally encountered, in the US anyway.... Good German food to boot. I really enjoyed our outing. Son and I had Spaten amber ale and Spaten Optimator (a dark, strong ale and 7.2% alcohol), respectively. Both were good and flavorful, though I can't say that the flavor was overwhelmingly distinctive like Three Floyds' Gumballhead, with its citrus flavor.

The assorted sausage appetizer plate (Hot Wurst Platte) was great with the beer (as were all the entrees), and could make its own entree dish. Wife enjoyed smoked pork chop (Kassler Ripchen), son had roast beef ( Sauerbraten), and I had the breaded veal with mushroom sauce (Jaegarschnitzel). We also had oxtail soup (oxtail meat was shredded), an item you don't find very often. The dining rooms are distinctively Bavarian, and vintage. The entire extensive restaurant, with multiple dining areas and a banquet area, is located in the lower level of the historic Atheneaum building. The large beer garden is located out back, at ground level, and there is a $5 cover charge to enjoy that (we were in one of dining rooms). They have a large parking lot, but we easily found street parking. I don't know how many authentic German beer garden restaurants there are in the US, and I didn't hear of one like this in Milwaukee when we visited in past, but this was a real treat, and we shall return."

Howard L., Naperville, IL