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A few of our customer reviews from UpTake...

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"I visit this place every year when I visit Indy. It is what every German bar should be. Great food, atmosphere, and people. Not a place to get Budweiser, you've got to try their huge selection of imports. Their food is some of the best in Indy. It can get crowded in there. There is a restaurant section and a bar section. You can eat at both. I eat in the bar. Highly recommended."

indyroadtrip, CitySearch

"...I liked the atmosphere - seemed dated but was certainly authentic for a German restaurant. Plus it is located in some ancient building so it fit,

There were a lot of great choices on the menu and the beer selection was outstanding. I went with the Chicken Diane (minus the green peppers) - I was intrigued by the water chestnuts they added. It was great! The Spinach salad was outstanding as well..."

Fubarnole, Lawrencebille, GA, TripAdvisor

"Stepping into the Rathskeller is a treat for the eyes, as well as the stomach. The room has fine art quality stained glass windows, an intriguing fireplace with dark sculptures and mottos in German, and other cultural pieces that contribute to the feeling of being in a small town in Germany instead of Indianapolis. The sausages and meats are top quality from local German butchers, and the meals are flavorful and substantial. My husband's favorite is the Beef Rouladen, while I alternate between Kassler Ripchen and the German sausages with kraut. The beers are another tasty bonus.

My daughter had her wedding rehearsal dinner here, and the out of town guests thought it was a treasure."

indyone, CitySearch